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How to promote overseas traffic?

With the help of overseas traffic, you can easily show your uniqueness to the world and "acquire" all the customers who are searching for the products or services you provide.

Step 1: Decide where to direct overseas traffic advertising
Is it global coverage or local? Once you decide where you want your ads to appear, we'll deliver them to the most appropriate users. Your ad reach: For your ads to perform well, you need to find the right audience. When using overseas traffic, you can choose where to display your ads, such as within a certain radius around your physical store, or covering entire regions and countries.

Step 2: Create Google Promotional Content to Communicate
Use 3 short sentences to focus on the most unique advantages of the products or services you provide to impress customers. You can also add images to create a more eye-catching banner ad. What you want to convey: Overseas traffic can help you write effective ad copy or add images easily. We offer a variety of ad formats for you to choose from and can help you decide how to design your ad best based on your advertising and marketing goals.

Step 3: Set the upper limit of overseas traffic promotion budget independently
You'll never pay more than the monthly budget limit you set, and you can adjust your budget or pause delivery at any time. At the same time, we will also show you the estimated performance based on the budget you set. Your budget: When using overseas traffic, you decide the amount of spending, and the actual spending will never exceed the monthly budget limit. We do not impose a minimum spending limit. We'll recommend a budget based on spending data from similar merchants, as well as provide estimated performance data. Most ads start to show real results after about a month of running.

Step 4: Place overseas traffic ads at the right time
We'll show your ad to people when they search for products or services like yours. Your ads may be displayed on overseas traffic searches, overseas traffic maps, and many of our partner websites. You only pay when your ads perform, such as when someone clicks on your ad and calls you, visits your website, or gets actual directions to your store.

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