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Advertising forms for overseas traffic

There are many forms of advertising for overseas traffic, but for e-commerce, mastering the following 8 is enough.

Single image advertisement (click to enter the website): This form of advertisement is usually on the main interface of overseas traffic and the right sidebar. Similar to ads in Moments. However, it should be noted that this form of advertisement can only use one picture and some text description above. Users will automatically jump to your website after clicking on the picture. This is the most commonly used form of overseas traffic advertising, and the effect is also good. After your overseas traffic pixel code is successfully installed, every user who enters your website through this link can also be tracked on overseas traffic in the future. Not long ago, Facebook stipulated that your pictures should not contain more than 20% text, but now this rule has been lifted. However, if your pictures contain too much text, overseas traffic will still restrict your advertising promotion.

Carousel ads: This ad format can test which products your potential customers are most interested in. Overseas Traffic will automatically optimize your ads and rank your most clicked images first. By displaying more products, potential customers are more likely to click on your ad page.

Offer advertising: It is a fast and effective tool that can quickly target customers who are already familiar with your brand. It's similar to a regular ad, but it doesn't direct people to your website.
The discount advertisement has the following two options: 1. A discount code with an expiration date; 2. A barcode that can be used for subsequent purchases. Some merchants will have discount codes that can only be claimed for one day. Under the mentality of limited time sales, more people will become your customers.

Video Ads: Video ads are useful for increasing brand awareness and targeting users. You can use the length of time users watch videos to accurately target them in future ads such as lead ads, Canvas ads (immersive), sponsorship reminders, and dynamic product ads.

Lead Ads: Lead Ads allow you to collect information from users without leaving the Facebook interface. At the same time, overseas traffic will automatically fill in their information, including username, email address, mobile phone number, etc. Lead ads look similar to ordinary ads, but after the user clicks "Submit", you will be able to manually download the user profile and upload it to the customer management system (CRM). But you can also use the lead ads sync synchronization system for automatic synchronization.

Immersive Ads (Canvas Ads): To publish immersive ads, first click on the publishing tools on the page, then click on Canvas, and then click on Create Your Canvas. After creating the Canvas, you will get a unique link, and then copy this link to the ads manager. In the advertising management tool: 1. Create or edit "Clicks to Website" or Website Conversions as the goal of your event; 2. In the "Enter URL to promote field )" interface, paste the Canvas link you just obtained.
Dynamic ads: This format allows you to display one or more product ads. Based on user behavior, you can serve different ads to different audiences.

Browsed content: After a customer visits a product interface, you can continue to provide the same product advertisements in subsequent overseas traffic advertisements. 1. Add to shopping cart: In e-commerce, many people add things to the shopping cart and forget about it. Ads with overseas traffic can always show these people the things in their shopping carts that they have not yet bought. Thus achieving the final step of their purchase. 2. Product purchase: Doing business is never just a one-time deal. Once a customer has purchased your product, advertisements for related products will also follow. Some new goods or other products may also suit their tastes. Dynamic ads are based on information pulled from your website, making them a powerful tool for connecting with your guests and tailoring content to each guest.

Branded Content (Sponsored Tips): If you see a With followed by a blue tag, then this is branded content or is called a Sponsored Tip. This is a form of cooperation between different e-commerce companies, or a form of cooperation between a big V and other products.

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