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How to advertise on overseas traffic?

Overseas traffic allows companies to attract more fans and win potential customers for the sales department through publicity. The methods and management tools for creating advertisements are very similar to the interface for overseas traffic:

Step 1: Open the page, log in and click "Create an Ad". Fill in the external link, title, and ad words according to the ad content, and you can also choose to load images. If you want to advertise content on overseas traffic, you can click the link in the picture box, then select the advertising content and fill in the corresponding information.

Step 2: Fill in the target users and billing method as required. Target users can be divided according to location, age, gender and interests, and the billing method can be calculated based on click rate or view rate. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to charge by click-through rate. Although the number of views of the advertisement is large, the real click-through rate is not high. Therefore, choosing to charge by click-through rate not only achieves the initial effect of advertising, but also reduces the cost of advertising. cost.

Finally, click "Review Ad" at the bottom of the page and sort the ads appropriately. Overseas Traffic has a built-in system that analyzes the number of ad impressions, click-through rates, and click-through rates, which can help users determine which advertising capital investment rate is the highest and is most suitable for corporate pages.

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